World Creation

This universe revolves around a congregation of demons at the outskirts of Hell. The church resides in a desolate place called the wastelands, where outcasts are left to fend for themselves, as opposed to those living in the inner capital of Hell. Their preacher Diavol believes steadfastly that demons aren’t inherently sinful, anymore than humans or angels. He opens his doors to the lost souls of the wastelands, in his sermons drawing parallels between fallen angels and demons, and glorifies themes of redemption. Meredith Adelaide is the head of one of the more influential bloodlines of Hell, seeking out alliance with the church on the premises of political influence. She’s practically a nonbeliever in Diavol’s cause, but stays loyal on the grounds of wanting to goad believers into supporting her. Her son William is very detached from both causes, being quite apathetic towards anything they’re involved with – that is, until the rarest of occurrences happens and an elder arch angel turns up on the doorstep of the church.